1800s to Mid-Century Modern Collectibles


Collectibles from
Three Centuries

The name Century Interior Antiques reflects the vintage and antique collectibles I offer that span the 19th to the 21st century.

Browse for lighting, furniture, radios, clocks, purses, vanity items, kitchen decor, bar ware, glass ware, framed art, pottery, art glass, paperweights, and many other unique decor pieces.

Antique and vintage pieces add quality, whimsy, elegance, just a special classy touch and creative depth to home and office decor.

A Passion for
Antiques and Vintage

Antique decor items will bring a piece of history into your home, . An item that was used and loved from the 1800’s or early 1900’s brings a life style from the past into your space and gives it new life in the present.

Anyone can buy new items from Ikea or Amazon that are the same as everyone else has but with antique and vintage pieces, the prices can be less than what it would cost to make that same item today, if it can be recreated at all.

Collectibles Make
Precious Gifts

Purchase for yourself or give collectibles as gifts. The uniqueness of a décor piece, adds fascination and creates a conversation piece in your personal space.

Come shop at Century Interior Antiques & Vintage Boutique to find those wonderfully special pieces you will treasure and enjoy.


Collecting Antiques & Vintage

I enjoy many aspects of collecting and have been a collector from an early age. My collecting has taken me from the 660 mile long yard sale of the 127, to the flea markets of Paris,  to treasure hunting at Round Top Texas. As a seller, I really enjoy seeing the joy on the faces of the people who have found a treasure or the excitement when they have found the item they’ve been looking searching for.

In my Antique & Vintage Boutique, and online store, you will find items that span from the 1800’s to Mid-Century design. I like to collect the fascinating and the beautiful; the elegant and the charming. I only buy quality items from any century, but I also love the rusty items with character. Take a look and see what you can find among my finds. I hope you will find a treasure of your own to love. If you value beauty and uniqueness, adopt a beloved vintage or antique piece that speaks to you. If you love it, it will bring you joy every time you look at it.

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